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One of my current roles is as a learning and development manager for SimVenture Evolution. Today I’m off for a client meeting at Herfordshire University to review the use of SimVenture Evolution with students studying there. My role is to help academics embed simulations as a teaching tool into their curriculum and support ongoing training and development of both staff and students. It’s going to be 34 degrees today so thank goodness for air con.

SimVenture Evolution has transformed learning in many higher education institutions so why choose it for your organisation?

Reasons to choose Evolution

We’ve designed our business simulator to maximise both the  learner and teacher/trainer experience…

  • People access the on-line multi-platform business strategy game wherever there is internet connection
  • Engaging interface, intuitive navigation and extensive user ‘Help’ in multiple formats makes the simulation easy to access & use
  • People run a business for up to 10 simulated years & compete against the computer or head-to-head against others
  • Sophisticated algorithms factor in money, time, stress, skills and tiredness. Little is left to chance.
  • ‘Control Tower’ access allows tutors and trainers to monitor, communicate with, alter and assess user progress remotely
  • Written scenarios & activities are continuously developed to support focused, subject-based independent learning
  • Backed and supported by a highly experienced team with extensive & combined skills in education, business and technology
  • Highly flexible resource used independently and at any time by an individual or group (it doesn’t rely on VSL staff involvement)
  • Powerful distance-learning multi-player resource allowing people to work without hassle or any travel expense
  • Developed in conjunction with 8 university institutions.

Lesley Strachan is a personal life coach, consultant, trainer and adviser based in Southampton, Hampshire and works all over the world. She works in the higher education and corporate training sectors coaching people to get from where they are to where they want to be.

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