Financial And Career Goals

How You Can Achieve Your Financial And Career Goals Through Life Coaching

Many people have goals that they want to achieve; some people will have set their goals and will therefore be looking for strategies for achieving them. Others have not set financial and career goals, however, they seek to achieve more from their life. Whichever group you fall into, you have a great opportunity to take valuable steps towards achieving your financial and career goals.

If you have set financial and career goals, you need to identify strategies and an action plan that details how you intend to achieve them. However, if you have not set your financial and career goals, do not worry; take the opportunity to devise realistic and meaningful goals that will set you on the path to a fantastic financial future and a fulfilling career.

In this article, we will explain how coaching and the Jack Canfield Success Principles can help you to achieve your financial and career goals.

Financial Goals

Financial goals can vary in nature, from saving a fixed amount of money for a big purchase such as a new car or house to spending less on everyday expenses. Fortunately, the vast majority of financial can be achieved by either earning more or spending less.

In either case, it is important that you start with clear goals and a plan of how you are going to achieve them. This process starts with the acknowledgement of Jack Canfield’s first success principle – ‘Take 100% responsibility for your life and your results’. If you can come to accept this principle, you will be able to adopt a mind-set of taking action and making changes to achieve your financial goals.

Jack Canfield proposes that the greatest financial goal of all for many of us is to achieve financial freedom. Having the freedom to live our life without financial worry or consideration may seem like a dream. However, it is in fact very attainable. Jack believes that ‘most people are unconscious when it comes to their money’, so becoming conscious and mindful about what we are earning and indeed spending is an effective first step in your journey towards financial freedom.

In order to progress with your financial goals and pursue financial freedom, Jack advocates finding out precisely where you are in terms of your finances, where you want to go and what you need to do to get there.

Jack Canfield’s Tips To Financial Freedom

He also suggests four tips to financial freedom, which will help you to become more mindful about your money:

    1. Determine your net worth – This measurement of your financial health will help you understand your current financial position.


    1. Determine how much you need to retire – Where you are in your working life will determine the importance of this tip to you, however, regardless of where you are it is always beneficial to plan in advance.


    1. Become aware of what you are spending – Very few people can honestly say that they are aware of what they are spending. It is nevertheless critical, especially as spending money is becoming ever easier with online shopping and contactless payment technology. Start tracking your fixed monthly expenditures and keep track of your spending for a month. After doing this you will become consciously aware of your spending and able to take informed decisions about your future spending.


  1. Become financially literate – Becoming financially literature will empower you to take informed financial decisions. Start by learning about money and investing.

Enlisting the help of Lesley Strachan, a certified Jack Canfield Trainer and Life Coach is a great way to fast track your progress towards attaining your financial goals. Lesley will guide you through Jack Canfield’s success principles and help you to apply them to setting and working towards achieving your financial goals.

Career Goals

Careers are rarely straightforward for the majority of the working population with events such as career changes or redundancies being encountered by more people. A modern day career typically involves multiple employers and several career moves. It has, therefore, never been more important to set career goals to steer your professional progression.

Jack Canfield’s 7 Steps For Creating the Life You Want

    1. Take 100% responsibility – As in the previous case of financial goals, in order to set career goals you should start by accepting Jack’s first success principle of taking 100% responsibility for your life. In the context of career goal setting, it is a powerful principle, not least because it removes any sense of entitlement and banishes any tendency to start blaming or complaining. By taking 100% responsibility you acknowledge that the progression and success of your career is dependant on you alone. This acknowledgement is a critical first step.


    1. Be clear why you are here – Asking yourself such a fundamental and straightforward question may seem unusual, it is nevertheless very powerful. Jack believes that everyone has a life purpose and that this purpose defines what they are on the earth to do. This links directly to career goals as your goals should link to and support the fulfilment of your life purpose. Clearly, your career goals should help you to pursue and progress in a career that you are passionate about. If you are pursing a passionate career, you will be well placed to achieve your goals.


    1. Decide what you want – Setting career goals without knowing what you want is like trying to steer a ship to an unknown destination. There is little point in setting goals that are geared towards becoming a business leader if you do not have executive ambitions. Get started by mapping out specific goals, milestones and dreams. Do not forget to dream big about your career and its progression; it is surprising what can be achieved with a big dream and a corresponding set of goals and milestones.


    1. Believe it is possible – If you believe that something is possible you are far more likely to take the necessary steps to make it happen. This may be positioning yourself inline for the next big promotion at work or networking to expand your network and seek new career opportunities.


    1. Believe in yourself – Self-belief is a critical component for career progression, once you believe that you have what it takes you will able to make significant progress. Believing in yourself will also help you to maintain a positive mind-set so that you are primed to overcome the obstacles that you will encounter. Whether that is missing out on a promotion or being unsuccessful in a new job application.


    1. Become an inverse paranoid – Believing that the world is ready to support you and bring opportunities is a hallmark of successful people. Start believing that the next promotion or exciting job opportunity is just around the corner.


  1. Unleash the power of goal setting – Goal setting becomes a powerful driving force behind career progression when you have set measurable goals. Setting goals will also help you to get started and remain accountable for your career progress.

Getting started and taking the first step is often the greatest challenge. It is often beneficial to gain the help of a professional coach with experience in guiding people to career progression and success. Lesley Strachan, a certified Jack Canfield Trainer and Life Coach can help you clarify your goals and work with you to harness Jack Canfield’s success principles for career progression. Lesley will guide you through Jack Canfield’s success principles and help you to apply them to setting and working towards achieving your career goals. 

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Lesley Strachan is a Jack Canfield certified global life coach. She has coached and trained individuals and businesses across Europe, The USA and Australia. She holds an MBA, a postgraduate certificate in research methods and a Diploma in Management. Lesley is also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

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