Pop-up career and life coaching for 11-21 year-old students

I’d really like to help you in supporting students to explore their future careers and life opportunities. I speak from 40 years of experience of teaching and am concerned that many students are not pursuing their passions and have no idea what they want to do with their lives. They need help with getting from where they are now to where they want to be.

I coach staff and students in workshops designed to help them move forward. These include:

• Workshop 1 – Taking 100% Responsibility for Their Own Life which is designed to get people out of blaming and complaining and into consciously creating the life they desire whilst working difficult situations like not understanding what they want out of life.
• Workshop 2 – focuses individuals on being clear why they are here and helps them to focus on their passions and getting in touch with the things that will bring them success and fulfillment thus giving them control of their lives.
• Workshop 3 – Attendees will explore what they want from life in 7 key areas of their lives: financial, work and career, fun time, health and fitness, relationships, personal and contribution to the world and create goals to achieve their ideal life and career.

These unique workshops are based upon The Success Principles™ designed by Jack Canfield and have used by the world’s most successful men and women for over 40 years. As a Certified Jack Canfield coach, here in the UK I would like to offer you this unique programme for your staff and students.

I work with groups of academics, employability specialists and students completing a series of exciting and stimulating exercises which:

  • Clarifies their vision and goals for their future.
  • Support them through their fears.
  • Keeps them focused.
  • Confronts their unconscious behaviours and old patterns of behaviour.
  • Expects them to do their best-and holds them to it!
  • Help students live by their personal values.
  • Show them how to get more out of their studies and be more engaged in the classroom.
  • Keeps them focused on their core passions and interests.


  • Group workshops – half or full day face-to-face sessions coving all three workshops. From £581.25 – £1,200.00 ex VAT + expenses

Lesley Strachan Consulting and Training

1 Loreille Gardens
SO16 8LP
Tel: 0044 (0)7739 172447

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