Why self obsessed students should do care work

The precious, wan, self-obsessed graduates who abound these days need to learn a bit about the real world. In years gone by, writes Dr Max (stock image) 

I was drawn to this article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4457512/Why-self-obsessed-students-care-work.html as I teach in higher education so have first hand experience of some students are are indeed self obsessed, have no work experience and have unrealistic expectations.

In one particular module that I teach over 60% of students had no clear idea of what they wanted from the lives – which was really shocking to me.

Perhaps then we should be helping these students at the beginning of their academic careers by coaching them to accept 100% responsibility for their lives and actions and also to coach them in how to be passionate about what they do, and help them to discover the careers they want to follow.

There is not enough of this kind of coaching in schools, colleges or higher education. https://lesley-strachan-consulting-training.com/…/universi…/

So for those of you who would like a workshop please do contact me to discuss how we can work collaboratively to change these attitudes and behaviours.

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