How are you feeling about your progress so far in 2017?

Happy Tuesday! Today, Jack Canfield and I would like to do a quick check in with you.

How are you feeling about your progress so far in 2017?

You might be well on your way to achieving those goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year. But, perhaps there are a few things you are consciously (or subconsciously) doing that are hindering you from reaching your goals.

For example, you can read all the investing and wealth building articles and books out there, but the truth is if you’re doing even just one of these 3 common things, you’ll never become wealthy.

And let’s face it, being financially successful or at the very least, financially stable, is usually a top priority on most of people’s goals list.

Whatever your goals are, there’s one activity you need to engage in regularly. If you skip it, you are denying yourself the opportunity to accelerate your success with instant access to solutions, resources, motivation, and growth.

This activity is masterminding.

Imagine meeting once a week or month with a group of five or six like-minded people to share ideas, thoughts, information, feedback, contacts, and resources…

I promise that your view of the world, your goals, and your future will greatly expand when you do this. However, you must gather the right people. That is key to an effective mastermind group.

Watch Jack’s latest video to learn how to form a mastermind group.

Lesley Strachan is a Jack Canfield Certified Trainer in the Success Principles™. She is one of only 11 trainers in the UK. If you’re thinking about part of a mastermind group contact me at or visit the web page. We could set up our own closed group in Facebook as well. Please share this article.


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