5 Reasons Grads Don’t Get Jobs!

Interviews suggest lack of written career plan, poor communication skills, networking, and interviewing skills!

TalentMarks has conducted interviews with hundreds of career experts, coaches, and hiring managers to learn about employment opportunities, career readiness, and what they think of graduates’ job search strategies.

There were 5 primary themes that stood out.

-Grads don’t have a written career plan
-They don’t know how to communicate that their skills will help the organization and as a result fail to make good impressions in interviews
-Few have the kind of networking skills necessary to find a job
-Most pin their hopes on one or two opportunities rather than throwing a larger net and expanding their search
-A majority don’t spend enough time searching for a job

This is borne out with students at University where over half of my own students have no idea of who they are or who they want to be.

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What’s your experience?

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