Be thankful for what you have this Christmas.

I hope you’re wrapping up this week and getting ready to spend quality time with your family and friends. I love the Christmas holiday period because it gives people an opportunity to pause and reflect on what they’re thankful for, and all the abundance in their lives.

This year however, I want you to take it a step further…

Think about this… What if you continued to think thoughts and feelings of gratitude beyond just the single day of Christmas? Research shows this is the highest emotional state you can be in. So, using gratitude daily, and not just on a single holiday, will consciously and unconsciously aid you in reaching your goals.

It’s one of the simplest but most powerful success techniques you can use.

Get in the habit of practicing appreciation and make it a daily discipline. Spend 5 to 10 minutes each day and focus on feeling grateful for everything you have.

You’ll be amazed at what a difference this makes and how quickly it will shift your thoughts from negative to positive and create better outcomes for yourself.

So, my wish for you is to make a promise to yourself to live every day being thankful for what you have and appreciate.

Last, it’s important for you to realize that everyone needs to be acknowledged for what they do and who they are.

Practicing gratitude and acknowledging others is the easiest way for a leader to build trust, enthusiasm, and open communication in those around you.

Work on this skill and watch a powerful shift in yourself emerge. And when you do, I promise those you work with and engage with will notice the new you and want to know how you’re doing it.

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