SimVenture Evolution competition for General Electric (Africa)

I was pleased to be part of a GE Africa (General Electric) Global Entrepreneurship Week this month

My role was to Train the Trainers who facilitated a week-long entrepreneurship event in Nigeria and South Africa. This was the first time I had coached and delivered SimVenture Evolution training completely remotely via an on-line platform to trainers in Africa which was highly successful. Following this training and 1-1 coaching sessions the teams of university students also learnt how to use the simulation without a tutor and had to learn how to play independently.

Part of my role also included liaising with the trainers in Africa to prepare daily assignments for the teams over a 5-day period which was followed by a live competition. The top qualifying teams then had to prepare a presentation at the end of the competition and were evaluated on four metrics of performance which included:
• Sales should be greater than 250 for each quarter of the 3rd year trading

• Profits should be greater than 50K for each quarter of the 3rd year trading

• Net assets should be greater than 300K at the end of the 3rd year trading

• Staff morale should be greater than 95% at the end of the 3rd year trading

SimVenture Evolution is an on-line multi-platform technology which teaches individuals and teams how to strategically manage a Small to Medium Sized Enterprise. The simulation can be part of an independent learning programme and facilitates remote learning. This multi-award winning software also allows for solo and group-based learning when in-depth decisions which replicate the realities of running an SME can be practiced in a safe environment.

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