School careers advice – is it leaving pupils to sink or swim?

Although most students are doing well at school they appear to receive very little careers advice at school. At what is a very important time in their lives is it time to give them better advice? Or better still, is it time to explore with them their passions and interests so that they can make better career decisions?

One student recently said to me ““My whole careers education consisted of a five-minute interview in year 11, in which he [the careers adviser] told me I’d done the wrong subjects to do the job I wanted to do and my grades weren’t going to be high enough. Then he handed me a leaflet about becoming a prison officer. I was gutted.”

New research published by Bernardo’s also suggests that fewer than 1% of young people have used the National Careers Council service leaving them without any form of careers advice. These young people need someone to work with them to make sure they get the support they need and the service in its current form is not working.

Support is available to help young people get from where they are to where they want to be in the form of a practical and inspiring course called The Success Principles™. It can be taught on-line or face to face and teaches students how to increase their confidence, tackle daily challenges, live with passion and purpose, and realize all their ambitions.

The impact of the course is measured through research which is conducted prior to the course commencing and at the end. The course is run by Lesley Strachan who is a Learning and Teaching Fellow in a local University and a life coach.

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