Come as you will be in 2020 party!

My MA students are invited to a party on Wednesday 9th November 2016.

Here’s how to prepare to “Come As You WILL BE!”
Step 1: Imagine your greatest vision coming true in your business/industry/life
Step 2: Dress for the event in a way that signifies this success, be imaginative, be creative! You don’t have to dress up but you do have to act the part.
Step 3: Bring along any props you may need to show others what you’ve accomplished. Here are just a few ideas:
-Your bank statement with millions in account balances
-A copy of your best-selling book/film/clothing range/make-up range
-Testimonials from your favorite clients
-A magazine cover with you as the cover
-A review of your restaurant/blogs/films
-Your latest award/ achievements
-Photos of your family/business
-Bring your PA
The moment you arrive, and throughout the event, you will be asked to speak only in the present tense and fully live into your vision of success. We will begin the evening by facilitating self-introductions where you will be invited to introduce yourself and your business as though it is 2020. As the event progress you will continue to speak from the perspective of the FUTURE YOU.

I’d like film/photography and bloggers to record the event and post on social media. Marketers can also blog, write feature articles, tweet, LinkedIn and Facebook the event.I’d like someone also to write an article for the University Portal.

Look forward to meeting the new you.

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